No Stress. Just Massage.

At WareeThai Wellness Massage & Spa, we believe that a healthy body reflects a healthy mind.
Our highly trained and certified therapists apply a variety of touch therapy and energy healing techniques designed to melt away tension, allowing for clear thoughts and physiological recovery.

As soon as you enter you can begin to take a break from the chaos of your busy life and instantly feel immersed in the serenity and refreshing atmosphere.
Each session at Waree Thai is tailored to suit your individual needs.
We do our best to provide you with relief, no matter what your age or physical condition.
Relax… you are in good hands.

Our professional and friendly staff will provide you the best service in a pleasant and serene atmosphere with pleasant music, scents and some herbal tea.

Sawadee Kha
Your WareeThai-Team

Our Studio