Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a luxurious and beneficial therapy that uses warm basalt stones to massage your body.

Initially, the stones will be placed on selected points of your body to gently warm tissues, loosen muscles and increase blood flow.

Hot stone massage is very relaxing and soothing body tension free technique to make by placing hot stones on the body.

The heat releases the tension in the reduction of accumulated tension in muscles and increases blood flow which leads to healing.

Hot stone massage works not only in the physical body but also relaxes the nervous system and mental parts which generates a general relief and well-being.

Guaranteed to leave you feeling fantastic.

Benefits of this treatment:
• Relieve fatigued and aching muscles
• Loosen tight joints
• Aid blood and lymph circulation
• Relax the nervous system
• Release blocked energies
• Induce a state of deep relaxation
• Loosen tight joints