Hot Herbal Compress is a natural product of Thai herbs, specially designed to help relieve muscle pains, aches and tension.

The aroma from Thai herbs provides both physical and mental relaxation. The herbs used provide a very relaxing effect on the muscles of the body.

Steam heating allows the natural essential oils and aromas of the herbs and spices to be released. During massage, the poultices provide moist and nutrient-rich relaxation to the skin and muscles.

While offering comfort, the poultices also work with the body’s natural energy to promote harmonization of the body’s energy flow. They do this by loosening energy blockages and stimulating blood circulation.

Herbal compress is a common method of treatment employed in traditional Thai medicine.

The hot herbal compress contains numerous herbs tightly bound in fabric which is steamed until piping hot and firmly rolled.

Benefits of this treatment:
• Remove stress and tension and affiliated ailments
• Assist in blood pressure reduction
• De-toxifies and eliminates impurities
• Aids with aching legs or joints
• Mental and emotional balance

After treatment stay a little longer, relax wrapped up in a cozy blanket and enjoy a delicious and refreshing cup of tea.